How to legally force a family member into drug rehab?

I have a family member addicted to crack cocaine, we know she is a danger to herself and to others, she refuses to voluntarily get treatment, how can the family force her into a drug detox and rehab program? Is there some sort of motion that can be filed with the court?
I can I am planning on calling some attorneys tomorrow, just want some background info if you have experience or know anything about how to help out a drug addict who doesn’t want help but needs it

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4 thoughts on “How to legally force a family member into drug rehab?

  1. Ray C

    You can get an court order for her to be put into a clinic for 30 days if she is a danger to herself or others or if she is not competant to make the decision herself. To get such an order, you should get her accessed by a doctor and keep proof of her unstable behaviour to show that she is no longer able to care for herself.

  2. deb

    Until she admits she has a drug problem, I really don’t think there’s much you can do. She must be ready and willing to go to rehab….and want to get clean….she has to want to work the program, or it just won’t do any good. Good Luck.

  3. Lyle G

    A minor? Most states have a family court procedure for it.
    An adult. No such luck.
    The “danger to herself and to others” will allow you to get a “civil commitment” where she’ll have to undergo psych evaluation. That has some likelihood of resulting in a quickie detox that will be undone minutes after she hits the street and will have permanent legal implications.
    Until she WANTS it, no rehab will “take.” If she isn’t stupid, she’ll say and do the right things and count the days until she can get high again.
    A drug addict who doesn’t want help CANNOT be helped. Go ahead and try. She’ll work the program and everyone will be real impressed until she’s busted using again. . . . and again, and again. She will stop when she chooses and will probably need help THEN and will beg you to help her get it.

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